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PNP Business
PNP Business

There are many, varied opportunities in each province under Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) for business persons. PNP is unique in its comparatively fast processing times for persons willing to set up a business in a particular province. Each PNP has different requirements based on that province’s business needs. Thus, immigrants are able to create employment and improve the economy of that province.

The initial monetary investment and other requirements vary. Please see below for high level summaries for each province.

Avoid the refusal of your application due to filling of the forms without knowledge of the law. Once an application is refused, a permanent record is created. Seek professional help from an experienced, ICCRC certified consultant. Get help via a free consultation today.

Ontario – Business Category – Applicant Requirements

  • Corporate Investor Category – invest $3 million and creat 5 permanent full-time jobs for Canadians/permanent residents
  • Individual Investor Category – invest $1 million or control at least 1/3 of the equity in an active business in the province, be involved in day to day management

British Columbia (BC) – Business Category – Applicant Requirements

  • Have net worth of $800k obtained legally and be willing to invest $400k to establish or purchase and expand an eligible BC business, owning 1/3 of the equity or more
  • Create 3 or more jobs for Canadians/permanent residents
  • Take active day to day role in managing the business, sign a Performance Agreement
  • Fast Track Option via conditionally refundable payment of $125k
  • Regional Business Category available, requiring net worth of $400k and $200k investment
  • Strategic Projects Category available, allows foreign controlled company to sponsor up to 5 key staff provided certain criteria are met

Alberta – Business Category – Applicant Requirements

  • Be a farm owner/operator willing to purchase a farm in Alberta
  • Have net worth of $500k and ability to invest $500k in the farming business

Saskatchewan – Business Category – Applicant Requirements

  • Be an entrepreneur with at least 3 years experience, net worth of $300k and make investment of $150k in the province, owning 1/3 of the business
  • If ownership in the business less than 1/3, make investment of $1 million;
  • Take active day to day role in managing the business, sign a Performance Agreement, deposit $75k which is refunded when conditions are met
  • Entrepreneur Large Scale Investor Stream available
  • Entrepreneur Science & Technology Stream available
  • Farm Owner/Operator and Young Farmer Streams available

New Brunswick (NB) – Business Category – Applicant Requirements

  • Have a net worth of $300k and invest $125k, make exploratory visit to NB for 5+ days

Prince Edward Island – Business Category – Applicant Requirements

  • Business Impact Category, 100% ownership stream and partial ownership stream

Newfoundland & Labrador – Business Category – Applicant Requirements

  • Immigrant Entrepreneur program under revision

Yukon Territory – Business Category – Applicant Requirements

  • Have net worth of $250k and invest $150k in a new or existing business

Northwest Territories – Business Category – Applicant Requirements

  • Invest $300k into starting or buying a business in Yellowknife or $150k outside Yellowknife
  • Have net worth of $500k or $250k
  • Self-employed business also an option

Manitoba and Nova Scotia have no business category for immigration at present.

Source: IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONERS HANDBOOK 2011 (Lynn Gaudet & Camilla Jones), Provincial Nominee Programs, pages 23 – 82